Fri 17 | 6pm

pictured: Strange Land Vol I – The Miner by John Douglas

Gerard    Cairaschi    FR    SILENCES    11 min 30s    2012

PLACENESS curated by Shaun Wilson

Australian video artists respond to the notion of place and explore through the physical and mnemonic how locations impact on the ways in which art and land coexist within the image.

Seth Keen    AU   Purrumbete Verandah   3 min 40s    2011

Tammy Honey   AU   iLandscape #14    4 min 54s    2012

Brie Trenery  AU    untitled  2 min 32s

Marsha Berry  AU    Silvers of Necessity   1 min 49s    2011

Marie Sierra  AU    Knismesis    1 min 50s    2011

Dan Torre  AU   Country Road  0 min 20s    2005/12

John Douglas  AU  Strange Land Vol I – The Miner   8 min 47s  2010

Shaun Wilson  AU Uber Memoria XXI  1 min 02s   2012

John Douglas   AU    Strange Land Vol I – Starella   8 min 06s    2010

Kieth Deverell  AU    The Hawker’s Song   3 min 21s    2011

total ca. 50 min

Fri 17 | 7pm

pictured:Yumiko by Andreas Müller-Pohle

Kuratiert von Klaus W. Eisenlohr

Andreas Müller-Pohle, der bekannte Künstler, Fotograf und Herausgeber Zeitschrift European Photography präsentiert zum ersten Mal eine Auswahl seiner Videoarbeiten in einem Screening.

Entropia, screening version SV  6 min  1996

Hiroshima, SV  29/3/01  3 min  2002

Dark Waves, SV  2 min  2011

Zigzag  8 min 19  2011

Coasting  9 min 40  2011

Yumiko  8 min, looped  2002

Diskussion mit dem Publikum, Moderation K. W. Eisenlohr 15 min 

Araki at Work, SV  12 min  1996/2011

*SV: gekürzte Screening-Version

Directors Lounge presents the first theater screening with Andreas Müller-Pohle, widely known as a photographer and editor of European Photography, featuring a whole range of his video work.

Water would seem to play an important role in Andreas Müller-Pohle’s recent work, both in film and photography. It may also be a key for interpreting his work as a whole…. (read more at:)

Fri 17 | 8:15pm

pictured: Jákob’s Ladder by Robert Carrithers and Marianna O (Auster)

Robert Carrithers and  Marianna O (Auster) CZ  Jákob’s Ladder 6 min 27s 2009 | German Premiere in attendance

A loose mystical portrayal of the Biblical story: Jákob’s Ladder,
inspired by Masonic lore and Prague mystic symbols. This is a short
film, told with marionettes and with the mysticism of Prague set
inside a 16th century belfry. The mystic traditions are explored
through nonverbal narration, cut apart with montage sequences and is
enhanced by the ethereal powerful music of Vladimír Hirsch.
A Magician has an appointment to keep with Death. Death
reveals higher spiritual knowledge to the Magician before he embarks
on his final spiritual journey.

pictured: Of This, Men Shall Know Nothing by Fritz Stolberg

Fritz Stolberg  GB  Of This, Men Shall Know Nothing!  6 min 11s  2010

Based on Max Ernst’s work of the same title, “Of This, Men Shall Know Nothing!” picks up on the psycho-sexual content of the painting and explodes its inherent occult knowledge into an intuitive journey to overcome duality. This alchemist quest via the unification of the five platonic solids and their duals culminates in the androgynous fusion of the masculine and feminine aspects of the main character.

Fri 17 | 8:30pm

pictured: still from The Door Ajar by Patrick Jolley

Renowned installation artist, photographer and filmmaker Patrick Jolley tells a self-spun tale of what may have happened during six lost weeks in the life of French poet Antonin Artaud, who in 1937 came to Ireland claiming to have in his possession the Staff of St. Patrick, which he wished to return to its rightful place. The lost time and its possible sequence of events, which ended upon Artaud’s arrest, are reconstructed from scant evidence and Artaud’s writing during the period. Jolley recounts his gripping vision in grainy Super8 and 16mm black and white imagery, diving into the surreal in a dense and unforgettable journey of stark poetic writings and stunning visual associations. A like-titled book written in collaboration with two co-authors has been published. Jolley’s solo and groups works have been shown in major festivals and exhibits the world over from Helsinki to Sao Paulo; in addition, a number of international museums have his works in their collections, among them the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Patrick Jolley IE The Door Ajar 84 min 2011

Fri 17 | 10:30pm

live performance of the album “Underlying Scapes”

Vladimír Hirsch is a Czech contemporary avantgarde composer, instrumentalist and sound alchemist, integrating contemporary classical, industrial and dark ambient music. His compositional style is characterized by polymodality and using digital technique to enhance sonic means of expression. Besides creating solo works, he is the founding member and leader of Aghiatrias, Skrol, Zygote and various other projects. He was also a member (keyboard player and vocalist) of the 80’s experimental post-punk group Der Marabu.