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Directors Lounge | contemporary art and media

Fourteen years of cult happening, a mad mix of film and related art, a switched-in and turned-on audience that is more than just an audience … thirteen years of rules turned on their head. Though press and others have tried, it is, we are proud to say, hard to readily define The Berlin International Directors Lounge. So much the better.

Neither a short film nor feature film festival, not strictly for standard screenings nor installational set-ups, not indeed exclusively a film forum or live performance spectacle, “DL” is in fact all of these in a year-round globe-hopping media-art platform….

There are no lines or barriers. No staff to separate movers and shakers from the moved and shaken. Nothing but films upon films, with interwoven live acts, at turns musical, visual and indescribable, all tied together by a nearly infinite exchanges of ideas.

Lounge is a term that implies a cool state… subtle, sophisticated pleasure, a connoisseur’s den of sight and sound, an experience that goes beyond the vocabulary at one’s fingertips. This is the ultimate way to experience rather than just see films. The line between screening room and lounging room has been intentionally blurred, wiping away the threshold between creator and viewer with it.